Design & manufacture of inflatable structures

Our products

We are specialised in the realisation of inflatable communication supports, inflatable arches, inflatable objects, inflatable tents, advertising balloons, blimps, skydancers, inflatable screens, inflatable signs, air tubes, etc...

Where are we located?

We work mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Vaud, Geneva, Fribourg, Valais and Neuchâtel, but we also work in German-speaking Switzerland as well as in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Manufacturing process

The creation process is done in only 5 steps. Thanks to digitisation, the precision of your shapes allows the process to be accelerated.

Inflatable advertising supports made to measure and your advertising takes off!

DIGITAL-INFLATABLES is THE leading supplier of inflatable advertising media. They are very effective and have an exceptional ROI. That’s why more and more companies trust the enormous advertising effect of inflatables.

From the idea, to production, to maintenance, we turn your creative ideas into a 3D reality. We respond individually to all our customers’ wishes. In all sizes, shapes and colours. You have the idea – we have the solution.

A major advantage of inflatable advertising media is their manoeuvrability and mobility. Inflatable objects are ready in a matter of minutes and can be used for advertising purposes. Many events would be inconceivable without the use of our inflatables.

Learn more about the various possibilities of inflatable advertising media. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your call or message.

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