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Advertising Balloons and Custom Balloons for Less!


Air&helium balloons

Advertising Balloons and Custom Balloons for Less!

Need a promotional balloon? Our advertising balloons are inexpensive and very effective. Optimal print quality and optimal speed of execution.

The most popular size of our promotional balloons is 2m to 2.5m but we can make balloons up to 15 meters in diameter! Our balloons are made with the best materials available.

Depending on price and durability, we can make 2 layer balloons typical for video balloons, PVC for the best price or polyurethane for maximum helium retention.

Get the best advertising balloon for your company


Video balloon

With our Full HD HF video camera installed in the balloon, we can now broadcast live to the jumbotrons and all social media.

We have tested and improved this solution for large events with more than 40’000 people (at AT&T SF, Twickenham London, Paris, Singapore National Stadium, and Dubai).

We have developed a semi-stabilization system, a rock solid HF link, and everything is 100% safe nobody can be harmed.

As it is not a drone, the legal aspect is easier to manage.

People love it, sponsors love it, and it’s very affordable.


Mirror ball

The inflatable mirror ball is perfect for parties and festivals. These bright, colorful balls are magic when it comes to illuminating dark dance floors. hey bounce the light around in every direction so no one has a hard time seeing their moves as they groove with friends!

The ever popular inflatables make your event that much more memorable by lighting up any venue or area where you need some help getting things going – all while looking awesome too! There’s nothing more magical than a dance party under the stars. Whether they’re hanging from trees or on tables, are an integral part of any outdoor soiree. Dance your way into their hearts with this fun decoration!

Avaiable in Silver gold transparent rainbos (soap bubble effect) red black blue green pink magenta orange purple and many other structural look!

Inflatable structures

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