What is the Digital Dome?

The design of the digital dome, light and sleek, based on a luxurious architecture inspired by Richard Buckminster Fuller, opens up infinite possibilities for interaction with the environment.

You stay in touch with nature even if it’s windy, rainy, snowy or … a sandstorm. Create your own comfortable microclimate inside the dome.

The digital dome is weather resistant and vandal proof, in fact the polycarbonate used is the same as the shields used by riot police, it is almost unbreakable!

How is the digital dome made?

The polycarbonate tiles of which the dome is made, are UV, frost, rain or wind resistant, as well as shock resistant, which means that the furniture and your belongings are safe, even on a very sunny day… or in an unattended area.

Robust … almost unbreakable:

the dome resists heavy wind, water, sand and snow loads. Thanks to its geometry, the dome remains stable, robust and resistant to all environmental conditions.

Tempered glass doors:
For added security, we provide tempered glass doors with locks.

Micro ventilation:

There are tiny air spaces between the plates the size of a few mm, so it is infinitely ventilated. However, it is resistant to water, wind, sand or snow.

Commercial pavilion, Pop-up Store or café:

Allow customers to enjoy the view anytime, anywhere!

Showcase your products, cars, furniture sculptures in a spectacular way.

Garden Igloo:
With excellent acoustics, ideal for playing or listening to music. Do yoga, read a book, enjoy a moment out of time.

Playground for children:
The children are outside, but inside! Ils sont en sécurité, on ne les perd jamais de vue.

Sizes: from 3.6 m to 8 m in diameter

Price from 5000.-


Assembly and delivery service in Switzerland and Europe

Geodesic dome "frameless", a real soap bubble ultra resistant! Showcase an exceptional space or product.