Everyone knows and loves crowd balloons, also called crowd balloon.
There’s a lot of interaction between the brand and the audience, but even though it’s a very effective way to entertain people, it hasn’t evolved since its inception.

Today, with the fashion of the “selfie” and social networks, we have taken this animation to another level of interactivity.

With our Full HD HF video camera installed in the balloon, we can now broadcast live to the jumbotrons and all social media.

We have tested and improved this solution for big events with over 40’000 people (in AT&T stadium SF, Twickenham London, Paris, Singapore national stadium, soon Dubaï)

e have developed a semi-stabilization system, a rock solid HF link, and everything is 100% safe nobody can be harmed.

As it is not a drone, the legal aspect is easier to manage.

People love it, sponsors love it, and it’s very affordable.

Discover the first interactive and connected VIDEO ball (Facebook live and Youtube)

The perfect tool for an unforgettable brand activation!

Interactive, affordable, safe and fun